Boonah Writers festival

This long weekend just passed we had the 3rd writers festival in Boonah which was a huge success. People came from quite a long way way to attend. Four workshops on Saturday with a dinner in the evening and a guest speaker. Two more workshops Sunday morning and we finished at lunch time. The workshops were each an hour and a half  ;so it was all very full on and interesting. Met some lovely people too which is always good. Lots of discussions about books and writing. Some of it inspirational and some left me thinking ‘don’t ever go there’ the ghost writing being one. That sounded like a real quagmire to me, very easy to get into legal trouble and other trouble too!

So onwards and upwards ,our writers meeting this week so it will be interesting to see what people think. Next week I have an authors talk.

2 thoughts on “Boonah Writers festival

  1. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend. I was considering finding somebody to ghostwrite for me and sleuth Holly for a while. You certainly don’t need that, your stories are wonderful.


  2. Oh Mason Thank you what a lovely thing to say! Apparently ghost writing can be an absolute mine field to write for. Funnily enough someone did ask me recently if I would consider doing it for them and the answer now would be a big fat NO. I’m not sure how serious they were anyway. Its great to do if you know all the ins and outs but there is a huge amount to be aware of.


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