Just a little update and maybe some opinions. Four years ago I self published a children’s book called the Amazing Adventures of Bub and Tub. Bub being a small grey pony, Tub being an even smaller black and white dog. The humans don’t understand but the animals communicate with each other. The humans think they are in charge but really—–!

These stories have had a lot of praise but my biggest problem is I am hopeless at promoting anything I have written or done. Self publishing is ok but the one thing I needed help with I didn’t get. Also they set the price which is too high. The long and the short of that is not many sales.; although as I say readers love the stories. There are twenty in the book and I did the pictures too.

The publisher who has published my Adult fiction would republish for me but they want a partnership agreement and I rather feel I have spent enough on this book. Question is do I forget it or go for it. I just can’t decide what to do.

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