Up date

After my previous blog I now have moved forward quite by chance with Bub and Tub. I didn’t even do anything. its too long a story but just to say I’m getting there. Oh yes another thing is  a young boy was telling me how much he loved Bub and Tub but didn’t like Harry Potter!!!!!!!! So that’s one for the animals I reckon.

Just a little update and maybe some opinions. Four years ago I self published a children’s book called the Amazing Adventures of Bub and Tub. Bub being a small grey pony, Tub being an even smaller black and white dog. The humans don’t understand but the animals communicate with each other. The humans think they are in charge but really—–!

These stories have had a lot of praise but my biggest problem is I am hopeless at promoting anything I have written or done. Self publishing is ok but the one thing I needed help with I didn’t get. Also they set the price which is too high. The long and the short of that is not many sales.; although as I say readers love the stories. There are twenty in the book and I did the pictures too.

The publisher who has published my Adult fiction would republish for me but they want a partnership agreement and I rather feel I have spent enough on this book. Question is do I forget it or go for it. I just can’t decide what to do.

Soon out

Just over a month to go until “Families” is published. A family that increasingly has secrets. That only really started when an elderly relative comes to live and the whole household is in disarray. She too has a secret but will it ever be revealed? Who is trying to harm them and why? Find out and don’t forget Christmas is just around the corner and that is always ‘fAMILY TIME” An ideal present is this book; for young and old there is something in here for everyone.


Oh Dear

Tripped on an uneven pavement yesterday and damaged both hands , even writing this is a trial so no serious writing for me for a bit. Doing anything much is a problem!!!!! I shall just have to read and read and read!!


I was hoping to do some very special research for my next book but have been stymied unfortunately , I won’t go into details but I am feeling a little disappointed.

On another note I met a fellow author yesterday and had a chat to her, very interesting. I love talking books.


Had a weekend visit to Lincoln this last weekend. What a beautiful city and what steep hill up to the cathedral! I badly wanted to see Katherine of Swythorpe’s tomb, I think that’s how its spelt, but there was a service going on so we couldn’t visit that part of the cathedral. I think she was a fascinating woman, her life certainly wasn’t an easy one.

Back to the city I loved it so interesting and some wonderful buildings, narrow cobbled streets and shops galore, from tiny little places to big high street names. Quite a few book stores too, second hand to Waterstones. The cobbled road we walked up towards the cathedral was so steep you had to lean right forward and coming back down was scary; bit so worth it! Lots to write about if I write an historical novel!!!!!


I have made it to England and my brain coming over went into overdrive for the next project which will be based entirely England as it is about a place through the ages. Something entirely different, I just hope I can carry it off. Also busy editing the next Manuscript and enjoying my holiday too.


Time marches on and before long I hope I will be setting off on my trip. Before that however I am taking part in a literacy day in the Library in Boonah for International Literacy Day. It will be several of us, local authors just talking for about ten minutes about our writing journey and what it has meant for us. Should be interesting and quite fun{I hope}So something to think about while I count down. If you are in the area drop in!!!10 AM.


Having finished my latest manuscript i am feeling a little lost. Thought I would be busy going through ‘Families’ but not yet it seems. Not sure what I will write next and I am waiting for inspiration to strike!! It’s good to catch up on things I really should be doing when I am writing so it’s not all bad!