I have made it to England and my brain coming over went into overdrive for the next project which will be based entirely England as it is about a place through the ages. Something entirely different, I just hope I can carry it off. Also busy editing the next Manuscript and enjoying my holiday too.


Time marches on and before long I hope I will be setting off on my trip. Before that however I am taking part in a literacy day in the Library in Boonah for International Literacy Day. It will be several of us, local authors just talking for about ten minutes about our writing journey and what it has meant for us. Should be interesting and quite fun{I hope}So something to think about while I count down. If you are in the area drop in!!!10 AM.


Having finished my latest manuscript i am feeling a little lost. Thought I would be busy going through ‘Families’ but not yet it seems. Not sure what I will write next and I am waiting for inspiration to strike!! It’s good to catch up on things I really should be doing when I am writing so it’s not all bad!


A big delay for my next book Families as there has been a hiccup in production and it will take some time to sort out so it looks like the end of the year before it’s out. Such is life! Meanwhile the others are all going along nicely it seems.

Next year another one hopefully; the best yet!!!


I am feeling very excited for three reasons, Firstly not long now hopefully before my next book is out called Families. Secondly I have had what I think is the best yet accepted by the publishers. It’s called Alone and I hope everyone will like it! Thirdly I will be visiting friends and family in the uk soon. How good is that? before that I have an author event coming up too. More on all this later.


Yesterday I was invited to talk to a group of ladies at the Salvation Army hall in Boonah. It was a very happy morning that started off with  morning tea then later after a few offical things I was invited up to talk to the assembled ladies. I say ladies though there was one gentleman there too. I gave them a brief summery of my life and a short piece on each of my books then read a small piece from my children’s book. That was the audiences choice. rather to my surprise though some said other books it was the one that most wanted. After that I answered questions. Later during the evening I met one of the attendees who said she wished I had spoken longer; she was enjoying it so much. A great compliment indeed!

Boonah Writers festival

This long weekend just passed we had the 3rd writers festival in Boonah which was a huge success. People came from quite a long way way to attend. Four workshops on Saturday with a dinner in the evening and a guest speaker. Two more workshops Sunday morning and we finished at lunch time. The workshops were each an hour and a half  ;so it was all very full on and interesting. Met some lovely people too which is always good. Lots of discussions about books and writing. Some of it inspirational and some left me thinking ‘don’t ever go there’ the ghost writing being one. That sounded like a real quagmire to me, very easy to get into legal trouble and other trouble too!

So onwards and upwards ,our writers meeting this week so it will be interesting to see what people think. Next week I have an authors talk.