New Book

Hello ,I am very pleased to tell you that my next book ‘Travelling will be out on the 28th February. This is about a girl in her mid twenties who having had some unpleasant things happen to her at home in England ,comes to Australia and travels both emotionally and physically. She meets a man who also has had a traumatic past and together they both start to heal, However her past follows her, and it nearly has catastrophic consequences. Will she manage to get through this next round of horror and unhappiness, or will circumstance finally take all hope away from her? If you like horses and exploring different scenery you will also find them in this book. It also shows that secrets are not the best thing to keep from those closest to you.

My writing journey

I have just finished a fifth adult book and think its the best one. Its called alone and who knows it may do well. Belonging and Possession both seem to be doing ok but I need more publicity and be out there more I feel. Travelling ,third book will be out the first half of next year, I hope. Watch this space.

Onwards and upwards,I am now back in sunny and very hot Queensland and seem to be struggling to find time to do much writing these last few weeks as other events keep getting in the way. But that’s life I guess However I am very pleased to report that both my published adult piston books have received five stars. How good is that. ? Was recently given a note book with a quote on the front by Lewis Carrol, it is—– why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. I go with that !!!!!

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I am currently in the UK  visiting friends and family though I am normally at home in the beautiful scenic rim and south east Queensland. Writing is my passion and I have three books published ,On children’s book and two adult novels One called Belonging and one called Possession. I have two more with the publishers now and am currently writing a fifth. I like singing, gardening, horse riding when possible, cooking and of course writing. I have a lovely husband and a dog called Jess.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton